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Absolute power



I’ve heard it said that
“Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

But I’d like to think
that strong moral values
and a propensity to a balanced life
would be a deterrent to absolute corruption.

Though the human mind is sinful,
I choose to belief
there is still good
in this messed up world.

I still think there can be
beauty amid all this chaos.



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Contents compiled: April 23 2017
Originally published: April 23 2017
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Life cycles


Life is cyclical…
Things come then they go.
Such is the case with
Fads, Friends, Money, Love,
Power, Youth, Seasons
And even Life itself!
Patience, courage and hope/faith
Are the tools needed
To see us through
To the next phase/cycle.
There is no need to fight it,
Just embrace the change
And press on…

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Contents written: April 13 2015.
Contents edited: May 2 2015.
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